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Postgraduate Mentoring

Postgraduate Mentoring

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Only You Can Control Your Future 

International students pursuing a higher education in the U.S. or Canada are expected to meet requirements that are very different from what is necessary to enter a university in their home country.

  • Golden Path Academics offers professional services helping students prepare for, apply successfully, and be ready to transition into postgraduate programs.
  • Our U.S.-educated advisors hold workshops, organize university visits, and work with students in groups and individually.
  • Our advisors form top U.S. institutions, including Princeton and Columbia, give feedback and advice.

We Can Help

As advisors, our main job is to inspire students to pursue their dreams. And then in the remaining time, we will work with students on all or any aspect of the application process as follows:

  • Introduction to US universities and colleges
  • Extensive questionnaire regarding each student’s educational history & goals
  • Evaluation of student’s academic achievements & overall candidacy
  • Recommendation of schools & school list
  • Recommendation of additional testing and evaluation at consultant’s discretion
  • Shepherding through the application process
  • Guidance on essay writing, preparing resume and requesting letters of recommendation
  • Advising and assisting with scholarship and financial aid application
  • Communicating with schools on student’s behalf
  • Supporting and preparing student for interviews
  • Counsel through the school selection, concluding with a school choice
  • Guidance and assistance with visa application
  • Prepare students for transition into postgraduate programs

How We Work with You 

Hourly Mentoring: This format is best for students and families who look for guidance and advice with parts of the process such as selecting schools, preparing and submitting application.

Program Mentoring: We offer students an opportunity to work with our most experienced mentors in a one-on-one setting where we help students with career planning, school selection, planning & completing applications, including test preparation guidance. Students must sign up 6 months to a year in advance of application deadlines.

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