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English and critical thinking course of the GPA is designed specifically for students in grades 6,7,8,9,10,11. With an innovative, friendly and inspiring learning environment, GPA’s teachers will provide literature about current affairs and interesting scientific research from domestic and international sources, including books, magazines, videos, movies, and the news media. Students will be given an opportunity to study, research, present and discuss all aspects of the issue with experts in English. Using the ‘interview’ method, focusing on discussions and analysis, students will learn to look deeper into an issue and enhance research, questioning and critical reasoning skills, all of which are fundamental to the success of students as they enter colleges and universities in an English-speaking country. 

Course Objectives:

  • Develop the habit to question and analyze an issue critically in order to capture the overall meaning and its core values.
  • Demonstrate skills in inductive and deductive reasoning also construct cogent arguments
  • Build up the habit of reading and engaging with global issues and become more aware of world's happenings, which is one of the most significant factors that give the student confidence as they study abroad.
  •  Strengthen their listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Not only can students be confident to communicate with each other in English, they can also take part in discussions on current affairs at the same level as that of American students.
  • Training the habit of reading and research, thereby raising awareness of caring and updating social issues.
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of themselves; then having proper adjustments and plans to promote the advantages and perfect their own personality.
  • Becoming more confident, more open and more targeted in the individual decision.

Study program:                                                  

Course Inputs Number of sessions Hour/session
CT (8-9) TOEFL: 40-65, IELTS:4.0-5.5 12 1.5
CT(10-11) TOEFL: >70, IELTS: > 6.0 12 1.5


  • Teacher, who studied in prestigious international school, have abundant experience in academic environment.
  • Method of teaching and qualification are consistent with the requirements of the course.  

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