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Ms. Hien Dao, CEO


Mr. Toan TranVice President

Columbia University '98 and Harvard University '05

 Wesleyan University '09

As the CEO of Golden Path Academics, Ms Dao’s role is to inspire and lead the company by developing strategy and driving execution. With 15 years of experience spanning education, finance, and operations, Ms. Dao was most recently a Senior Consultant at UPD Consulting, where she specialized in helping state education agencies implement effective management reforms.  Prior, she was a policy advisor in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration, where she served on the Department of Finance’s leadership team and was responsible for major initiatives, notably the agency’s turnaround in 2007-09 and New York City’s $1 billion revenue generation program in 2010. Ms. Dao graduated at the top of her class from the Vietnam National University. She later earned graduate degrees from Columbia University and Harvard University.

Ms. Dao is a member of the Alumni Board of Directors for the Harvard Kennedy School. She is also an active member of the Harvard alumni community in Vietnam.

Mr. Tran is responsible for GPA’s Vietnam operations. Previously, Toan spent several years working in the financial services sector in Hanoi. He was also an advisor at the Institute of International Education in Vietnam where he helped students prepare for colleges in the U.S.  A graduate of the Hanoi-Amsterdam School for the Gifted, Toan won First Place in Hanoi’s Mathematics Contest in 2003-04. He holds a BA in economics from Wesleyan University where he was awarded a Freeman Scholarship – a full scholarship granted on the basis of academic excellence and leadership skills.

Mr. Tran is a well-known vlogger and a partner at YouTube, where he publishes video commentaries discussing academic and cultural issues of interest to Vietnamese youth under the name Toan Shinoda. His YouTube channel is one of the top-followed and his videos have had millions of views since they first came out in 2012.


Ms. Hien Nguyen, Counselor

Mount Holyoke College, 2010

National University of Singapore, 2013

Mr. Khoa Nguyen, Counselor

Ohio Wesleyan University, 2011


Mr. Minh Dương, Counselor

Kalamazoo College, 2012

University of Southampton, 2013

·         Sarah Williston Scholar (given to the top 15% of the graduating class), Bachelor of International Relation,  Mount Holyoke College

·         Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Graduate Scholarship (awarded for academic excellence), Master of the Public policy, National University Singapore

·         Project Team Member, UN Women

·     Trustee Scholarship, Dean's List Recipent, B.A. in Economics, Ohio Wesleyan University.

.         Experiences as an Academic Advisor for Vietnamese students.

.          Experiences of working for big corporations in Vietnam and U.S.

.      Full Scholarship, B.A. in Business - Kalamazoo College

.        Msc. in Corporate Risk and Security Management, University of Southampton, U.K.

.        Experiences of working for big corporations in Vietnam and U.S.


Ms. Thu Quach, Counselor

Mount Holyoke College, 2012

University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2014

Mr. Justin Shelby, Counselor

University of Chicago, 2010

Mr. Nam To, Counselor

Cornell University, 2014

·          Sarah Williston Scholar & Phi Beta Kappa, B.A. in Mathematics and Economics - Mount Holyoke College.

.       MBA, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

.       Experiences of teaching and counseling in U.S. college

·         Academic Merit Award, B.A in Classics, Language Intensive Variant, University of Chicago

·         Dean's List” (2007- 2009), annual GPA +3.25, University of Chicago

·         Counselor, Colorado State University

·         National Silver, Gold Medalist, Singapore Mathematics Olympiads 2006, 2007

·         International Fellow Scholarship, Fifi Tsai Scholarship, B.A. Philosophy and B.A. Economics, Cornell University

·         Investment Analyst, Horizon Capital Group – 2013, Alegro Capital – 2012


Ms. Van Le, Counselor

Harvard University, 2017


Ms. Vicki Nee, Counselor

University of California, Los Angeles, 2012


Mr. Quynh Nguyen, Counselor

College of St. Benedict/St. John's University, '10

.      Full scholarship, B.A. in Statistics and Economics - Harvard University 

.        Being admitted by 7 top US universities: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Emory, UPenn, UC Berkeley

.        Teaching SAT, ACT, TOEFL Prep classes at Harvard Student Agencies.

.        Global Leaders, Alumini Association & Women Leaders Scholarships, B.A in Political Sience and History - UCLA 

.        Studying J.D in UCLA School of Law, UCLA and writing articles for Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs

.         Experiences working in U.S. law firms and leading commercial corporations.

.         Full scholarship, B.A. in Finance & Psychology - College of St. Benedict

.        Many  years of experience in teaching English writing

.         Photographer,The Griffin Newspaper, N.Y., U.S.