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How do I connect with Admissions Officers on Golden Path Guide?

If you post a question on the school profile page, we will make sure the school’s admissions officers see it. We are inviting schools to join the site as users so soon you will be able interact with them directly.

A school I know is not listed here, how can I add it to share with others?

Thanks for your interest in helping make the Guide richer. Please send it to us at inquiries@goldenpathacademics.com and we’ll add it right away. We will need some information about the school such as what you see on the school profile page and the reason you think the school should be added to the Guide.

How do I apply for a scholarship listed on the Golden Path Guide?

Please contact the scholarship administrator or visit their website directly to apply. Unless the scholarship is administered by Golden Path Academics, we do not accept applications on behalf of the organization sponsoring the scholarship. 

Why does the link not take me to the scholarship page when I click on it?

It is possible that since the scholarship was first published, the administrator has taken down the site or made changes to it. When this happens, please let us know so we can update the information accordingly.

I know about a scholarship program that’s not listed here, how do I add it to the Golden Path Guide?

Please send all the relevant information, including weblinks if available, to us at inquiries@goldenpathacademics.com and we will add it to the Golden Path Guide pronto. Thank you for helping us make the Guide a rich and valuable resource.