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How can my profile help me with being matched for schools?

More profile information helps us direct the right scholarship programs to you when the information comes our way.

Why don't I have any School results when I search?

It is possible that your search criteria are too specific. You may consider broadening your search by using fewer criteria in a combination. 

How to get more information about a school?

Great question! We like those who constantly seek for more information. You can obtain more information in a variety of ways: 1) Pose a question on the school’s profile page and we’ll direct it to the school; 2) Post a question on the Discussion forum for others to comment; 3) Send us an email; and 4) Visit the school’s website via the link we’ve provided.

Why do I want to ‘Add Favorite’ a school?

Any time you ‘Add Favorite’ a school, you’ve indicated to us those are institutions you may want to know more about. We will send you information when we get it or the schools will reach out to you with updates of their own.

How can I ask a question to a school?

It is super easy. Go to a school profile page (either by typing the school name into the search function or browse the school from our lists), scroll down until you see the link ‘Submit a Question’ on the upper right corner. Click on it to submit a question. Please note that if you haven’t signed in, you will be prompted to do so before you can submit a question.